Monday, May 30, 2016

Spin The Bottle Is Back

Give the age-old game of Spin the Bottle a new twist with this Sexy Challenge. Can you control where the bottle will be pointing when it stops spinning? Can your lover? Amazing and spicy experiences can transpire for the two of you when you take your turn at spinning your very own proverbial bottle. This challenge offers you a variety of new ways to experience a game you may likely have played in your youth. Give it a whirl and enjoy some excitingly new intimate play with your sweetheart. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

An Easy Marketing Lesson

Headtalker is one of the most amazing ways to get millions of eyes on your product, service and business.  However, this platform is definitely under used with it's huge ways of getting your message in front of people that you would normally not be able to reach.  

Lean how you can borrow other people's social media accounts with their permission and reach their audience.  In my Udemy course I teach you how to use this process over and over again.  

No matter what area of business you are in you can improve by using Headtalker.   Authors can promote their books, musicians can support their latest works, coaches can present their areas of expertise to millions and the list goes on and on.  

Don't waist anytime take this class on Udemy today and start using Headtalker tonight.  

The normal price of this class if $20 but you can get it for $10 by using the code below

Discount Code :  AwesomeMarketing

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Safety First Especially On The Internet

The video above is just a prank but it give you a little insight into what people can find out about you without any special abilities. 

Keep Yourself Save Online: is a VPN service so that people to safely shop online and download without getting tracked or hacked. When on public WiFi or even at home you are not safe from Hackers and all our information is at risk, but if you are on a VPN you are hidden from hackers. If someone was surfing the web and want to be anonymous using a VPN is the way to go... for instance if someone was doing research on a competitor, etc.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Get Rid Of Stress and Land In Stillness

Most stress is created by how we think about things. From Stress to Stillness will help you to examine what you're thinking and change your relationship to your thoughts so that they no longer result in stress. Drawing from the wisdom traditions, mindfulness meditation, psychology, New Thought, and the author's own experience as a spiritual teacher and counselor, From Stress to Stillness offers many practices and suggestions that will lead to greater peace and equanimity, even in a busy and stress-filled world. You will learn: 

- How we create stress and how it affects the body 
- How to recognize thoughts that cause stress 
- How to disidentify with thoughts 
- How to de-stress 
- How mindfulness meditation changes the brain 
- How to meditate and why 
- Tips for quickly moving into Stillness 
- How to change your lifestyle to reduce stress

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Arousal Can Last All Day If You Wish

Sexy Challenges are a way to give your intimacy a jolt of excitement. Within each of these short little ebooks you will find a wonderful way to connect to your partner. Sexy Challenges are to help put the spark back into your love life. 

All Day Arousal will start building your anticipation from the earliest part of your day.  That arousal will continue through out the day building to a frenzy for later in the evening.  This is a wonderful way to create that excitement in your relationship if you have lost it or not.  

Monday, May 23, 2016

Fall Equinox Canyonlands Nature Connection Retreat

Fall Equinox Canyonlands Nature Connection Retreat
With “Ranger Dave” Van Manen and Helene Van Manen

Sunday, September 18 through Friday, September 23, 2016
Canyonlands National Park, Needles District, Utah

If you love the outdoors join Nature Retreat Leaders in the fabulous trip.

Get the experience of a Lifetime

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Death Valley Dreams - Words Like Fire

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Death Valley Dreams consists of long-time friends and band-mates, vocalist/guitarist Nick Coyle (The Drama Club, Stardog Champion) and guitarist/keyboardist Jon Nova (The Drama Club, An Albatross) alongside similarly established friends in bassist Ryan Dougherty and drummer Matt Rutkoski. Formed in the fall of 2015, it is fair to say that the quartet hit the ground running in creativity and an instinctive union of their talents as proven by this first release. The EP is a seriously accomplished and skilfully sculpted blaze of bold imagination and open passion leaving ears blissful and an appetite for more greedier than flies on a desert lying carcass.

My Review : 
Death Valley Dreams - Words Like Fire is a combination to me of Good Charolette meets My Chemical Romance.  This song could cross over many genres even into the pop charts with an outside chance.  

Okay it is your turn to tell you opinion share you feelings on this band and song below. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Travel With Us On Instagram

Keep up to date with the travels of The Alex Family by following them on Instagram.  Never miss any of the amazing place that they travel on their new found freedom.  Together you can track along with our crew as we set sail on adventure.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Oscar - Sometimes

My Review:
Okay I love the energy of Oscar, there is something about the fun around his music.  His music is a throw back to me to the 80's maybe early 90's.  To best describe his voice my best explanation would be if you could combine Robert Smith of the Cure with Beck!  

Okay not it is your turn share in the comments what you think of Oscar and this song Sometimes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Alex Family Sets Out For Adventure

The Alex Family is getting set for a life of adventure.

We, the Alex Family, are setting out on our "Alex Family Adventures" this summer. Travel, work, homeschool and adventure at our fingertips. Woo Hoo!

Follow our journey by keeping up with us on Facebook.  Just click the link below to journey with us. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The WROB rocks it hard

How has music had an impact on your life?  Well, it has had a huge impact on my life.  One of my secret desires as a young man was to become a VJ for MTV, yes that was back when music was the main focus of MTV.   Facebook has given us live videos in the recent months and I am taking advantage of this to start living out my VJ dreams.  So come over and like my Facebook page and I would love you suggestions on music to play on this channel.  My big hope is that replaying this music will bring back some amazing memories of you like it has for me.  

Click the link below to like my page!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Romance Novel That Has A Lot of Pride

Lacey Jordan is a woman who knows what she wants…and she wants nothing to do with the new doctor in town. He has a perfect smile, perfectly tan muscles, and a way with people—her people! This is her town, her family, and her life, and he’s come here shaking everything up, including her heart. 

Aaron is running away from a tough breakup where heartbreak is the least of his concerns. All he wants now is to take over his grandfather’s medical practice, and make his new house a place he can call home. What he hadn’t counted on was crashing into a petite goddess with relentless powers of persuasion. When the two get a disturbing visit that could change their lives forever, Aaron must prove his love if they are to survive. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

You've Lost The Loving Feeling, or Have You?

Ever notice when you are falling in love how great the world seems.  The colors are a little brighter, the sun shines a little more and the moon seems huge.  It is obvious that when most of us are falling love we see things with a zest.  My question is how come most of us can't keep that vision we have when we are falling in love?  My guess is that we get use to feeling this until it becomes normal and thusly isn't as exciting as it once was.  My mission is to break this habit and help couples keep that passion burning bright for their entire relationship.  You may call me a dreamer but it is a passion.  I want to feel that euphoric feeling forever and if your with me start checking out The Couples Spot and watch my videos on relationship in the blog section.  Together we can create an amazing space in our world.  

Peace and Love,

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Your Bedroom Could Be A Spiritual Center

There are many creative and sensual things we can bring into our sex life.  However, we don't often think about brining spirituality into them.  Yet there are powerful and amazing ways we can connect with our love both spiritually and metaphysically.  This is the bases that Sexy Challenges has come to grips with and the last 40+ Sexy Challenges learn far more to this side of the table.  If you have not picked up a Sexy Challenge yet you are missing something amazing in your relationship, from anent Buddhist traditions, Native American Rituals, Wiccan rights, and even some Voodoo.  Yet these Sexy Challenge all have one important feature the are fun for lovers.  They are not so specific that you feel uncomfortable.  Sexy Challenges has taken these ancient rituals and ceremonies and brought them to todays standards and bring the excitement back to couples life.  

What are you waiting for check out Sexy Challenges on iTunes, Kindle, Nook, and Googleplay you just might find that spark that everyone is looking for in relationships.  Actually you might just find the fire to ignite your relationship to a hotter level.