Sunday, March 27, 2016

The New Harry Potter Book Is Coming!

Harry Potter fans are salivating over the July 2016 of this new issue in the Harry Potter series.  However, for most fans July seems like a lifetime away, plus you know as soon as you get your hands on this book you will have it read in no time flat.  So what other books do they claim as just as good as Harry Potter?  Below is a list of five books of you to check out and see!  While I am sure they will not life up to the billing Potter fans expect.  They might just be enough to keep you occupied until July 2016.  

The list to tide you over!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Buddy Challenges Top Sexy Songs

INXS has an amazing about of sexy songs but this is one of their best.  Plus it is one of our top picks for sexy songs.  Since the loss of Michael Hutchence the band has lost it appeal.  Thank goodness we still have these songs.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Are You One Of The Idiots On The Internet

Yes we all make stupid mistakes all the time, this guy puts you on his video, so be careful what you test to your friends.  

Now we can't correct your spelling on your devices but we can help you Speak Kind Words to your lover with this book.


Speaking Kind Words

iTunes Link          Amazon Link          Print Version

Relationships suffer greatly when partners no longer speak kind and loving words to one another. Saying the same words over and over, day in and day out, can become common place and those once powerful words lose some of their potency. In fact, do you remember the phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?” That really isn’t true. Not only can words hurt, but so can the lack of kind and loving words. Husband and wife team, Rob and Janelle Alex, share with you a method to bring back and even add new loving words to your relationship. Following the approach presented in Speaking Kind Words will improve and bring a new outlook to your relationship.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What Kisses Are Acceptable In Public

What type of kisses do you feel are acceptable in public?  I have seen so many kisses by couples in public, from the peck to the full out time to get a room kiss.  Which makes me wonder is there a standard for kissing in public?  While we all have our own opinions I don't think we can put a exact status on this issue.  While deep tongue kissing might seem gross in public, is it really that much different then just a casual peck between lovers.  I think this all depends on where we are in our relationship?  People in hot new relationships might feel that deep passionate kissing in public is okay while those that have been in relationships for a while might think it to be unacceptable.  However, both those situation could be reversed depending on the people.  I guess I just have to say that this rating of kisses in public is not for us to judge but to only to know our boundaries when it comes to kissing in public!  So what is your stance on the issue of kissing in public?  We would love to know.  

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

FleshLight For Fantasy

Pleasure is something we all need in our life.  However, sexual pleasure in a relationship is great but what if you single?  Guys the answer is in front of you in the form that looks like a flashlight.  Fleshlight has set an amazing standard in our pleasure world.  With many varieties and functions you can have different pleasure over and over.  Check out the link below and get your Fleshlight.  Even if you are in a relationship it is fun to experience together. 



FLESHLIGHT® was designed to:
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  • Our Favorite Flashlight Product : Flashlight Flight

Friday, March 18, 2016

This Book Is The Bomb

I read a book once called Sex Matters by OSHO and it totally turned my world upside down.  His wisdom combined with his humorous approach spoke to me.  I went on to read many books by OSHO and gained much knowledge from his teachings, as well as many laughs.  While OSHO might not be for everyone I think everyone owes it to themselves to check out his writings to see.  

Here is his book Sexy Matters you should Pick Up and try!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

So Long Peyton Manning

I had to share this amazing clip narrated by Eli Manning focusing on the retirement of Peyton Manning.  I am proud to say that I got to watch a legend play the game.  I think back in my lifetime and those of us alive now have seen the amazing Michael Jordan, I personally even got to see Hank Aaron hit a home run, and now I have witnessed maybe the greatest Quarterback of all times play.  I know many people might thing that sports are just a way of reliving our childhood and maybe.  I think of my time growing up and pretending to be famous sports stars in my back yard.  Then I think how many children have pretend to be Peyton Manning and I cannot think of a better person for our children to imitate.  Thank you Peyton for what you have done for Football and the World.  

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Missing The NFL?

If your like me you are missing those Sunday NFL games right now!  So to fill the void I had to share something funny.  I would love to hear how everyone else is passing the time until the next season starts.  I am so desperate I am counting down the days to the NFL Draft. 

Well why not focus on your Date Nights!

Mission Date Night Adventures are one of the most amazing things you can bring into your relationship.  Bring the excitement back to date nights with any of the Mission Date Night Adventures.  Get Trouble On The High Seas at the out let's below by clicking on them.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Undercover Of The Night

Undercover is a great place of couples to do some work together.  We honor all the coupes that get some of their best work done this way.  Now if you want to know more how to become an undercover expert then you need to pick up our latest book 

Sexy Challenges 33 Adventures :
 Create Powerful Energy with Passion, Purpose and Love

Get your adventure started to day by clicking on your choice below

Sunday, March 6, 2016

David Bowie Still On Our Minds

Many people don't know that David Bowie was a total artist.  Not only was he one of the worlds best singers / musician he was also an accomplished actor.  Watch the clip above to see a few of the movies he took part it.  

follow David Bowie's philosophy and promise not to be BORING!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Where Do You Find Love? Well Here Is A Starting Point

A little behind the scene story of us!

People often ask us how Janelle and I met and started on this journey.  Even though we lived in the same small town we had no idea each other really existed.  The funny part is that even though we lived just a mile apart, we met online!  So many couples are meeting in that space now and it is constantly improving.  So if your not in a relationship right now and wish to be we want to recommend...

Yes, if the place to get the ball rolling on a new relationship.  Just click the above logo and be swept away to and start your journey.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Couples Spot Announces Magic Silk / Male Power

The amazing site for couples, The Couples Spot has just announced the addition of Magic Silk and Male Power to their line up.  When you want to wear something sexy make sure to check out The Couples Spot for amazing companies like these.


Magic Silk          Male Power

Want amazing sexy intimate apparel for both men and women?  Well between Magic Silk and Male Power you have items for both male and female partners.  Not to mention a wide selection of amazing products, to get your motor running.  Click on either link above and click on, Shop Lingerie and see where you can purchase these sexy and amazing items.
About Magic Silk and Male Power: 
Exposed Lingerie is a leading manufacturer and distributor of women’s intimate apparel.   Our goal is to provide high quality products, unbeatable prices and lightning fast service to customers around the world.  We have been serving the industry for over 20 years, from our company warehouse in Hauppauge, New York.
Our extensive and diverse line includes lingerie, underwear, fetish wear, costumes, panties, thongs and corsets.  These products have been designed by professionals with many years of experience in the fashion industry.  Our merchandise is attractive, trendy, comfortable and widely appealing.  And we are constantly updating our catalog and adding new, creative and exciting lines.
Your success is our success.  As your business grows, so does ours.  Exposed Lingerie designs garments that sell; that’s not merely a claim, it’s a guarantee.   When you purchase our products, you take no risks whatsoever.  If you are ever unsatisfied with any of our products, we will take them back – no strings attached, no questions asked.   We are serious about building long term relationships with our customers, and we will work hard to earn your confidence and trust.
At Exposed, we look forward to our continued success and growth as a leader in the industry. Our commitment toward building quality, long term relationships with our clients has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our future successes.
Liquid Onyx LS

Magic Silk          Male Power

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Wish I Had Kids Books Like This When I Was Young

Do you Think You Can Handle Angry Granny?

My son and I wrote this story based on bed time stories we use to make up together.  Together, we have brought Angry Granny to life and want to share her with the world.  


Hilarious adventures abound as Granny comes to live with her grandson and his parents. It is rarely an easy transition when aging parents and grandparents find they need to live with their children, and Angry Granny is no exception. But, on top of Granny's declining memory, she has lost her filter. So, be prepared because even though her grandson isn't used to hearing curse words Angry Granny is about to change that as she regularly let's the a-word fly. It's cute. It's funny. And, it's touching as the experience of having Angry Granny in the house will take you from laughing to saying "oh my" and right back to giggling again.  

Rob Alex and Boegley Alex co-wrote Angry Granny, but it all started when Daddy (Rob) started telling Angry Granny bedtime stories to Boegley. The laughter and giggles that poured forth from the bedroom could be heard all the way downstairs. After a few weeks and a long list of Angry Granny adventures, this father-son duo decided to share their knee slapping and sometimes shocking stories with the world. Get ready because these two will take you on quite a journey alongside Angry Granny, and they just may share more of Granny's adventures as time goes by.