Friday, February 19, 2016

Are You On Board With Podcasting, Yet?

Many of you know that Sexy Challenges creators Drs Rob and Janelle Alex have two amazing podcasts on the market today Those being 

However, podcasting is exploding and taking on several new avenues to consider.  If you haven't started your own podcast yet, then it isn't to late.  Check out the link below for some valuable information on podcasting and how to get started.

For the new podcaster, where to start can be intimidating. We present simplistic hacks to get you started in podcasting. For the experienced podcaster, we give you a few tips to up your podcast game. 

For the new podcast listeners, itunes and other streaming sites can be confusing and overwhelming. We put together the down and dirty lists of the Top 5s on the subjects you may be looking for- not based on vague rankings but quality.

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