Saturday, October 11, 2014

Prank Your Friends With This Amazing Newspaper

This can be a fun prank, gift, or just goofing around!  I put your picture or image in a newspaper/webzine style picture with a news story that can be silly, odd, realistic, marketing, or anything.

UNLIKE many services that do this, I do not use a quick online generator that can only put in a pre-defined image and very limited text.  My gigs are done by me using graphic design tools.  I do use a template for most gigs, but I can customize nearly anything depending on how complex you want your order to be.

I can use your image and text or mine depending on the gig you order.  See my basic gig and extras for more explanation and for even better results, contact me first to discuss what you want.  If you already know what you want the article to say, you can get that for the basic $5 gig!  If you want me to write a story I am also a professional writer and ghostwriter.  

Stories can feature you or other names/images: social/celebrity; odd, business; catastrophe/apocalyptic; advertising, etc. NOTE: If you are not using an image of you, I will assume you are using it privately or with proper permission.  I do not take responsibility for how it is used after your purchase.

This Fiver Gig is sure to bring many laughs to both you and your friends.  

Click the Link Below to start the laugher.

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